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Display’s rear side have to include a complete metal cage, in order to eliminate EMI interference entering the entire system.

ADR offers industrial grade displays that meet this requirement, in size of 5 inch and up to 32 inches. The displays already includes the faraday cage on the rear side, grounded.

Another option is to integrate the display rear shielding cage in the system’s mechanical design. Shielding can be made also in a different ways, with a metallic foil or conductive paint, for a low level protection. The screen EMI protector have to be adjusted to the cage by a silver or cooper busbar.

EMI gaskets may apply also around the edges & the connectors, to complete the closer.

The interface connection should be made of twisted pair wires . protected FPC tail may not give the expected results.

The most common interface for shielded displays is LVDS.


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