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This new M12 X-coded IDC screw-less & solder-less is  an “on-site” cable assembly kit, suitable for harsh environment.

Sealing protection is IP68 (mated) and temperature range is –40/+85 ℃.

The Zinc alloy body helps to shield & prevent EMI effects.

The connector features a high data speed of up to 10 Gb  Ethernet (CAT6A), with frequencies of up to 500 MHz .

Applicable wire’s range between 22 to 26 AWG in a cable OD between 5.5 to 8.0mm.

External maximum diameter is 18.5mm.

Product is RoHS & Reach compliant.

This connector is mainly used in a broadband wireless access applications.

ADR offers 2 versions of this product: metal & plastic housing.


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