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display monitor panel-pc
open-frame for vehicle

ADR offers In-Vehicle 7” CAN-BUS open-frame TFT display.
1. CAN bus communication interface.
2. Support Custom CAN ID protocol, default baud rate is 250KB.

3. HOST can be used on multiple platforms, such as Computer (with USB to CAN-Dongle), MCU, Raspberry Pi (with PiCAN2).

4. Self testing after booting function.

5. Built in flash memory, store the font and Object Dictionary Data.

6. Capacitive touch panel (CTP) with anti-glare coating.

7. 12V power supply input. Power consumption is ~6W.

Technical info

Resolution: 1024x600

Wide viewing angle

Storage temp.: –30 ~ 80°C.

Brightness: 450 cd/m2

Buzzer: controlled by Master Device

Flash memory: 16MB.

The display is electrically customable. Contact us for more details.

display monitor panel-pc



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