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This is a Color Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Display, composed of a TFT display, a driver and power supply circuit, and a LED backlight.

The display designed with wide viewing angle, wide temperature and long life LED backlight.

It fit industrial applications

The module have a unique 2  advantages: it’s high brightness (1500 cd/m2) & it’s wide temperature range (-30/+85°C).


The resolution is WXGA (1280 x 800) & it support 16.2M (8-bits) or 262k colors (6-bits).

Display supply voltage is 3.3 Volt.

Life time is 50,000 hours.

Interface is LVDS, 20 pins.


ADR supply this display with additional options: Touchscreen (CTP or RTP) 

EMI shielding protection.

HDMI adapter.



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