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Open-frame displays for military outdoor applications, have unique specifications.

The cover glass should be chemically strengthened & Anti-reflective coated. Usually it’s a Gorilla or Dragon glass.

EMI conductive layer should attached to the back side of the glass (This layer could be used also as a heater).

Resistive or capacitive touch is optically bonded on the front side of the glass.

Bonding can be OCA or OCR, depend on the mechanical design.

A conductive sealing gasket between the touch-screen and the panel is used to protects the system against water and dust.

The backlight should emit a brightness of 750 cd/ (at least). For a direct sunlight, 1,200 cd/ (at least) is required.

Auto-dim function is highly recommended.

Operating temperature range is –30/+80 or wider. ADR supply displays for outdoor military applications from 2.5” up to 32”.


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