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M-Connectors for cables are divided into 2 major groups: Field attachable & over molding. While the first option is usually an “off the shelf” product, the second is mostly a custom product. The advantages of over-molding are better protection & time saving for the user. The cable type matched the application demands or, can be dictated by the end user. The connector itself is made for harsh environment (IP-66/68) and made of Brass or Nylon+GF. Housing can be straight, right-angle or even split to more than one cable. ADR range include diameters between 5 to 23mm and up to 17 contacts. ATEX approval available for part of the range. The M-Connectors are mostly used for signals transfer but, they also can serve as power transfer (up to 12A in our range). This wide range of connectors serve both outdoor & automation applications Like sensors & camera data transfer, sealed junction boxes, and more. ADR serve many clients with a custom solutions for that range.


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