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Only 7.2x7.2mm body size & 2.9mm height, this new rotary encoder series for PCB, enable space saving.

It also suitable for harsh environment by providing wide temperature range (-40/+85 ℃), and waterproof sealing (IP67).

Those features makes it a perfect solution to outdoor hand-held applications.

3 Types of code are available: Real, Complementary & Gray.

Number of positions can be 4, 10 or 16.

Wide range of handles & caps in different shapes & colors is available.

Terminals can be Gul-Win or J-Band.

Power rating is 100mA/5VDC.

Standard package is “tape & reel”. Quantity per reel depend on the handle style.

Recommended reflow Max. pick is 260 degree Celsius for 5-9 seconds.


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