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This rotary encoder series, have both shaft & housing made of steal. Its small size and flat design makes it very useful for small hand-held devices.

It offers a waterproof version for outdoor applications, by fixing the shaft to the panel with O-Ring.

The temperature range is wide –30/+85 ℃.

Life cycle is quite high—more than 100,000.

Detent force between positions can reach 2.5 Ncm, to get a clear tactile feedback.

You may also get it without any detent between positions.

Power rating is up to 10mA/5VDC.

Assembly options are SMT or Through-Hole.

Position options are 30 or 16.

Right angle version is available.

Detent force is up to 2.5 Ncm.

4 options of shaft style.

With/Without stopper.


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