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ADR supply reliable and durable

Valve connectors in 3 combinations: Attachable, Molded and M-connector at the opposite side. Each product have its own relevant base. The connectors conforms EN175301-803(DIN43650). The range includes 2P & 3P + PE. Some of the products are UL or ATEX approved. ADR offers 3 main forms: A, B & C. All products are IP-67 protected and made of UL94-V0/V2 materials.

The voltage range is 12V to 300V and Max. contact current rating is 16A.

Operating temperature range is varied, depend on the material used. For standard product with a silicone gasket, it is –40/+125 ℃. The cable’s diameter for this line is between 3.5 & 10mm. Housing standard colors are black & transparent. Additionally, other colors like gray and blue are available. Applications: solenoid valves, pressure sensors, temperature sensors and flow monitors to voltage supplies or a data network.


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