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ADR introduce a broad line of USB camera modules, with Omnivision and Sony CMOS sensors. All modules are using an Immersion Gold process PCB.

The resolution range is between 0.3 to 13MP.

Adjustable parameters: Brightness/Contrast/Color saturation/Hue/Definition/

Gamma/White balance & Exposure.

Formats: MJPEG & YUY2.

Supported OS: Windows, Android, Linux, WinCE & Mac OS.

Standard interface is USB-2.0 high speed 5 volts but, USB-3.0 is also available.

FOV >75°.

Standard module size is 60x9mm.

Operating temperature range is –20/+70 °C.

Application: Video Conference, 3D imaging, video, artificial intelligence, access control...


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