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Open-frame display with GUI is a perfect tool for a simple & fast programming development. GUI development kit gives an advantage in terms of manpower saving & quick response to market demands. It solve the problem of limited sources for programing the your visual. ADR offers an excellent products that offer the following features:

Pictures, animations mix texts ang graphics.

Multi-lingual with macro pages. 8 pre-defined fonts (can be expanded).

Draw lines, place dots, area, bar-graph and other graphic options.

Brightness control.

TFT or Bi-Color displays are available, with or without touch (RTP or CTP).

3 different interfaces on board.

The modules size is between 2.8 to 10.4 Inch.

EVL-Kits are available for all modules. This kind of product is ideal for small to medium projects that use 10-100 displays each lot.



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