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MINI-LVDS Interface ( 0.71" Display)

MINI-LVDS is a high speed serial interface.

A perfect option for Micro– Displays.

Main advantages:

Good EMI protection.

large number of connections between the timing controller and the display drivers.


ADR offers a range of micro displays (Between 0.39” to 0.96”) with this interface.

This 0.71 Inch OLED micro-display based on single crystal silicon transistors.

It provides a high resolution (1920x1080), ultra high contrast (10,000) and multiple options of brightness (between 120 to 3,000 cd/).

Temperature range is –30/+80 °C (storage) & -20/+70 °C (operating)

Supply Voltage—1.8V & 10V.

Additional elements of this display: Power saving (PS) function.

Optional: Evb-Kit.



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