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Mesh EMI shielding offers the highest effectiveness.

Its effectiveness depend on the structure: Line pitch, Average line width & total Open area. Standard mesh sheet materials are blackened stainless-steal & cooper. Standard shielding options are between 50 to 100 ohms/sq.

This effectiveness is not achievable with ITO coatings.

The conductive mesh layer can be apply either in the rear or the front side of the cover glass. Moreover, the mesh can be apply between/inside the glass or the PMMA layers. The mesh orientation is also very important, to eliminate optical interference. it is crucial that electrical grounding will be made between the entire perimeter of the mesh and the encloser . Usually, It is done by applying Flexible, conductive silver or nickel busbar on the cover glass’s edges. Cover glass edges have to be bevel, with dub corners.

ADR offers all those options, together with touch, heater and other layers, through our facilities in Taiwan.


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