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WATERPROOF pogo connectors

Pogo-pin connectors became very popular in the field of charging devices. Lately, you can find them also in an outdoor applications. Outdoor environment requires a special design, mainly to protect the contacts against humidity, water & salt spray.

Protecting the pins & the entire connector against water is the main issue in the connector’s design.

You may protect the internal mechanism of the pin (if necessary) by applying an o-ring between the plunger and the barrel.

The protection between the pogo and the plastic frame is done either with an elastomer material or, an individual o-ring around each pin.

At least one side of the connector should have a sealing gasket around it.

An EMI gasket can be chosen—if needed.

The external body coating and specially the plunger coating is a critical issue. Our advice is to use a minimum of 1.5μm hard gold plating over 1.3μm nickel plate.


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