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RF SIGNAL pogo contacts

It is difficult to use standard pogo-pin for high RF signals ( high RF means > 6Ghz).

The structure of (at least) 3 parts—the plunger, the spring & the barrel and moreover, the connection between them, affect the signal negatively, and increase interferences.

Today, there are some new options to transfer high RF signals through pogo-pins.

A new design offer a “One piece spring contact”. In this pogo, the plunger and the bottom contact are directly connected—not through the spring. This design reduce the interferences.

Another option is to use coax spring contacts.

A third option is a pogo-pin with additional external contact between the plunger and the bottom. This contact is added inside the plastic molding of a pogo connector. The new designs enable transferring more than 10Ghz per contact and aim to reach a level of 60-70Ghz.

ADR offers connectors that includes or combine all those 3 solutions.


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