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ADR offers enclosures for Military & Atex applications,

sized 12 - 26 inch.

2 forms are available—Square & Rectangular.

Modularize mechanical design provides flexible product configuration and easy maintenance.

The case is made of Stainless Steel (other materials are optional) & meets MIL standards MIL-STD-810F, 810G & MIL-STD 461E.

Input & output connectors are MIL-D-38999 & MIL26482.

Conductive gasket apply around the monitor frame.

The OSD panel can be located at the rear or the front side.

Dimming knob at the front is optional.

There are 2 options for mounting: VESA or, 2 screws for the sides.

Additionally, ADR offers special coatings & layers for the display/monitor you choose, like EMI protector, AG/AR coating and touch-screen in a different technologies.


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