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Z axis LRA (Linear Resonant Actuators) provides faster response time and longer usage life when compared with ERMs. As such, it is more commonly used in handsets, wearable vibration, mobile phone vibration. Moreover, coin vibration motors are capable of vibrating at a more steady frequency with less power drain, delivering better quality for the handset haptics experience. The Vertical direction Vibration through electromagnetic force and resonance mode created by sine wave-generated vibrations. ADR offers coin vertical LRA with one or double magnets. Sizes are 5 to 12mm & thickness 1.8 to 3.4mm.

SMT, Wires, FPC & Spring assembly are available. Standard voltage is 2 or 3VDC.

Optional voltage is 1-2VAC. Rated current is between 27 to 100mA. Temperature range is up to –40/+85 °C.


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