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October 27, 2019

This SMT PIR sensor have 3 versions—3, 4

& 6 terminals.

All the signal processing is made digitally.   

The voltage levels in the input, converted

to a digital values ( 7 bit ).

The PIR signal is converted to 15 bits digital values on the chip.

There is a light indication when PIR signal is above the threshold.

Supply voltage: 2.2V—3.7V.

Size: 7x7x2.8mm

F.O.V: 55 & 80 degrees.

Applications: Car systems, Alarm system...

October 27, 2019

New PIR digital sensor with delay time adjustments and an expanded range from 2 seconds to 70 minutes. 

The unit includes an integral light sensor with adjustable sensitivity.

It is suitable both for outdoor and indoor mounting.

Detecting length is also adjustable.

The output is a standard TTL output signal, that can be used with a microcontroller or for switching lights, etc.

CdS photocell can be added  upon user’s...

October 27, 2019

This new PIR sensor integrates digital control circuit and body sensitive element in one electromagnetic shielding.

All signals are processed digitally.

The signal inputs from a sensitive element to digital circuit via a high impedance differential.

The digital circuit converts the input signal to a 15 bit ADC digital value.

When the PIR signal above the selected threshold, there will be a REL output. The parameter...

October 27, 2019

Based on NDIR principle, This new carbon dioxide sensor module offers outputs both through UART or PWM interface.

Module includes a built-in thermistor for temperature compensation.

It also calibrated in multi IR’s humidity & temperature controlled facility .

Applications can be air quality control systems, CO₂ detector’s products etc.

Supply voltage: 5.0V

Operating current:  60mA (average)

Effective span: 0—500...

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