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April 25, 2019

Dip switches have a big advantage by showing visually the desired code.

Number of actuators is up to 12.

Terminal options are horizontal/vertical &  TH/SMT.

Actuators can be raised (easy to use) or flat (hard to use). Flat version enable top-tape seal that helps in p&p assembly.

Contact can be "make before brake" or, "brake before make".

ADR offers a wide range & attractive prices of dip-switches.

For a space saving,...

April 25, 2019

ADR present a wide range of waterproof illuminated rocker switches for industrial use.

Sizes: 13x18.5 , 21.6x22 , 13.8x30.2 & 21.2x37.5 mm.

Round shape is available (IP65). 

Illumination: 6, 12, 24, 125, 250 volt by led or a lamp.

Rating: Up to 20A 250 volt.

Colors: Both illumination & rocker paddle comes in different colors.

Markings: Large range of standard markings, White or Black color.

Custom marking is optional.


April 25, 2019

For door locking system in industrial applications, ADR offers a safety robust interlock switch.

Switch is UL & TUV approved.

Contact options are 2XNC & NC/NO.

Fits on 25mm tubing, This switch is ideal for small & light weight guards.

Eight possible actuator entry points, easy & simple to install.

Electrical utilization category rating is

AC15 A600 

Actuator is Stainless steel and enclosure is made of glass-filled pol...

April 25, 2019

Slide switches give mechanical advantages to the designer. they have a short rear body and actuator length can be modify easily.

for the electronic designer, slide switches offer a big range of functions, includes multi-poles & momentary options.

For space saving & low profile demands, ADR have suitable solutions, SMT & TH.

For low profile demands, 1.4mm height is possible, both vertical & horizontal.

Electrical fu...

April 25, 2019

Key switch is commonly used as a safety product. you can find it in systems like Medical, Military, Machinery and others, 

electrical function options are wide - similar to rotary switch.

ADR offers 2 unique features:

1. Short body length behind panel,

down to 19 mm only  (standard is around 40mm).

It helps to reduce total size of the product.

Terminals can be for pcb or wires.

2. Water & dust protection, up...

April 25, 2019

Tilt switches are mainly used to protect systems against an angular motion.

sometimes, it is used to count vibrations or, to act against G force.

Each product have its own specific angle to close the circuit/contact.

Ball-contact tilt can be vertical or horizontal mounted, with through-hole or SMT terminals.

ADR offers one axes, 2 axes & 360 degrees options. Contact options are NO or NC & the contact itself is gold...

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