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January 16, 2017

The NEW UV LED products based on 260-340nm wavelength, serve the sterilization & medical fields. Medical: dermatological diseases like vitiligo, psoriasis can be treated by controlling immune systems with irradiation at an appropriate wavelength.  Sterilization:  DNA has the maximum absorption of UV-LED light wavelength between 260nm - 270nm. A cell is mutated with the irradiation of the above wavelength, which...

January 16, 2017

Emergency-Stop pushbutton is used in any electrical/electronic system that related to human lives.

Parameters for design:

· Accessible location

· Disconnection electrical rating

· Relevant international approvals

· Demand for “Twist to release”

· Mechanical sizes

· Demands for safety markings

ADR offers easy to assemble Emergency switches in various dimensions & ratings. The range is UL & TUV approved.

Rating per co...

January 16, 2017

Planetary gears have become popular in 3D printing, but not only. They provide high power density, a reduction volume, multiple kinematic combinations, purely torsional reactions and coaxial shafting. The load in a planetary gear is shared among multiple planets, therefore torque capability is greatly increased. Planetary gear also provides stability due to an even distribution of mass and increased rotational...

January 16, 2017

Push-Pull connector is a user-friendly interface for any client — Just “plug & play”.

The traditional range suffers a high price level and sometimes it is not robust enough, mainly for Medical & Industrial applications.

ADR offers push-pull connectors with a unique locking system. The Disconnection is made by a visual-friendly trigger.

This range withstand IP65/67 protection degree & temp. range of –40/+80 Celsius...

January 1, 2017

GUI standalone modules with a touch screen enable to create very easily, a friendly interface to your system. The module enable graphic symbols, text & command editing in a very easy and common way. Everyone can make an HMI system even with a limited experience.

This GUI TFT Module includes the following elements: an open-frame TFT display, a touch-screen, Graphic Arranger Plus & GUI IDE development tools and UA...

January 1, 2017

Usually, High power disconnection ( 16A under 250VAC/48VDC) needs a large switch. Lately, there are solutions provide small dimension switches that doing the job and has been approved by the  UL & CSA authorities.  

Rocker switch  dimension is only 12.8x19.3x13.00 (instead of 22.2x30.2x17.2) .

You can choose multiple versions like DPST, SPDT & SPST.

Micro-switches dimension is only 6.4x19.8x10.60 (inste...

January 1, 2017

The new ultraflat, high torque stepper motor with only 9.6mm width and a step angle of 1.8°, supports designers who require maximum torque and high positional accuracy combined with minimum overall height. At high speeds, powers of up to 50W can be achieved with short power-up time.

This powerful stepper motor is ideally suited to applications such as  automation equipment, medical pumps and laboratory equipment...

January 1, 2017

Electronic defense and medical applications often deploy EMI shielded display windows for monitors and displays in order to avoid internal and external electromagnetic radiation.

We offer a complete range of EMI-shielding acrylic optical filters with a cast-in metal mesh for the attenuation of electromagnetic fields.

Product range comply standards as TEMPEST, MIL STD 461, Def 59-411 for military...

January 1, 2017

Pogo-Pins or Spring-Contact probes usually used for low frequency signals or power (up to 3-5A).

ADR offer Coax spring contacts For frequencies up to 6Ghz with insertion loss of 0.6db (up to 3G ) & 1.5db (3-6G). 

Contacts temp. range is –40/+90 C° .

Applications can be:  Docking stations to transfer RF-signals (Wifi, GPRS, GPS, 3G ...) to external antennas,  Accessory parts of handsfree sets

test  and more

We o...

January 1, 2017

IR emitter & photo transistor sensors are       commonly used in many applications.                For instance HEART BEAT measurement / Oximeter,  CCTV / IP CAM, Touch-panels & Smartphones.

ADR offer SMD RA Infra-Red sensors with a viewing angle range of 20° - 160°.

Typical intensity (for 20mA) is changed...

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